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The Lost Ark and the Ashes of the Red Heifer.

By Rabbi Stanley Chester

The Ashes Of The Red Heifer
This is one of two big rumors running around the Christian and Messianic community. The other is the search for the Ark of the Covenant (which I will deal with next on this page).

As for the ashes of the red heifer, let's understand one thing at the get go. The ashes are not needed in order to get the 3rd Temple going. Also the original ashes are not needed at all. Those who go around soliciting money from church organizations are simply using this as a gimmick (same goes for those "looking" for the lost Ark). When the 3rd Temple is built, there will be plenty of red heifers available. The last time my dad was in Israel (a few months ago) he counted 9 red heifers that would be able to fill the requirements.  This whole idea of the red heifer being perfect has been blown way out of proportion. Being "perfect" simply meant that it didn't have any broken bones or have easily seen cuts or scars. The last "nomination" (that was recently sent around) discounted a small red calf because it had a couple white hairs. This is absurd. This is not Biblical. So where did this idea of perfect come from? It comes from the Talmud. (Messianics are not called to be "Rabbinical Jews". That means we, as followers of Jesus the Messiah, are to follow the Bible not the Talmud. Does that mean not to read the Talmud? No, I've studied it for years, it has a wealth of information. But does that mean we are to follow it as Cannon [inspired Word of G-d]? No! We are to follow the Bible.)

Where would this "perfect" idea ever end? Would it mean that a calf that had a disease that develops only when it becomes an adult cow would be discounted? It wouldn't be "perfect" if it had one of these diseases would it? How would those in Biblical times know some of the myriad of diseases that we are aware of now with all our scientific advances? They wouldn't know! The priests in Temple times wouldn't accept a cow that came in limping or had an ear cut off or something along those lines but that's as far as it goes. Those in Biblical days sought out a red heifer that didn't have any broken bones or deformities etc that were easily seen and it didn't matter one drop if it had a few different colored hairs.

Vendel Jones
This is all nonsense derived in order to get your money. Don't be a fool and allow them to take you. When did this whole concern for the ashes come about? Not as recently as you might think. There's a man named Vendel Jones. The movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark" was faintly based on this man. Vendel is a conman. Always has been. But he's good at it. A close friend of mine who has since passed away used to work for Vendel. He was digging in Israel with him once and my friend discovered a stone in the shape of a Valentine heart. There was a huge find years back where some copper scrolls were found. It's a big deal to Biblical archeologists including myself. In these scrolls there was something written about what it called "The heart shaped stone". It's a well-known passage to those involved in Biblical archeology. When my friend discovered this stone in the shape of a Valentine heart, he joked with Vendel and said, "Oh look I found the heart shaped stone," Vendel laughed. A few days later my friend was stunned to find in Vendel's newsletter on the front page this heading "I Found The Heart Shaped Stone". Thousands of dollars were soon raised by this article and Vendel had another tour. My friend left the organization shortly after. One thing to note was that this stone as I have said was in the shape of the Valentine heart. The copper scrolls were written thousands of years before Valentine was ever born. The only shape that people thought was a "heart" shape was the shape of a real heart. There's a big difference between the shape of a Valentine heart and the shape of a real heart. Yes, it sounds ignorant now, but you'd be surprised how many people fell for this and most still believe that Vendel found the "heart shaped stone" mentioned in the copper scrolls. I'll give you one guess who started the rumors about the ashes of the red heifer and about trying to find the Ark of the covenant. if you don't get it in one guess, the initials are V.J.

FYI- Vendel is not allowed to dig in Israel anymore, they'd had enough of his con game as they could take, and revoked his license no, this wasn't due to his being a Christian it was due to his being a fake. No persecution as he claims here. You have to understand how much money has been funneled towards this fallacy.

(This section on Vendel is for those who have dealt with Vendel and have e-mailed me concerning their doubts concerning his "ministry". Many and most have never heard of him and I thank G-d for that.)

The Ark Of The Covenant

I loved the Indiana Jones movies, they're great. I am glad that it got some interest in the Ark of the Covenant. But I also liked Jurassic Park. It doesn't mean I'm going to give some cash (especially my tithes and offering) to DNA research so we can have a look at some animals Adam named at the beginning of creation. That's about as far as the connection goes for anything Biblical here. Actually, there's more chance of us bringing the dinosaurs back then there is for us finding the Ark of the Covenant. People are a funny creature. We can hear some hoopla (I can't believe I'm using a word my grandfather used to use) and jump right in without even checking the facts. Well, here's the facts. Jeremiah 3:15. "Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart who will lead you with knowledge and understanding (16) In those days when your numbers have increased greatly in the land declares the LORD, men will no longer say, the ark of the covenant of the LORD. It will never enter their minds or be remembered; it will not be missed, nor will another one be made. (17) At that time they will call Jerusalem The Throne of the LORD and all nations will gather in Jerusalem to honor the Name of the LORD. No longer will they follow the stubbornness of their evil hearts."

Wow, can you believe this? I love reading the Scriptures. I don't get how people tell me that they read the Bible before they go to sleep because it makes them sleepy. I don't get that mind-set. I can't read the Bible before I go to sleep. I'd be up all night. I have to have a "cool down time". That includes not reading the Bible before I go to sleep (everyone's different don't send me e-mails on this).

So let's look at this. Is this scripture saying that no one will remember the Ark? Of course not. No more would we forget the deliverance of our people from Egypt. It is obviously saying that it won't be a big deal. Why should it be? The Ark was the earthly symbol of the heavenly realm. The Ark represented the Throne of G-d. We know that much. So why should we be looking at the representation when the actual Throne is there??? This Scripture is talking about the end times is it not? (17) "At that time they will call Jerusalem The Throne of the LORD and all nations will gather in Jerusalem to honor the Name of the LORD." No time in history have all nations gathered in Jerusalem to honor the Name of the LORD. This is the end days were talking about here. This is when the 3rd Temple will be built. What it's saying here (and clearly so) is that the Ark wont be important. Not to mention will it ever be found. Not ever, who cares about the representation when the real thing is there.

One other point to notice (Jeremiah 3:15) "Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart who will lead you with knowledge and understanding". This is pretty amazing. To me it's saying that we will have Sheppard's who will lead us to understanding and knowledge. In other words there will be some confusion or misunderstanding and we'll get the truth somehow from His appointed teachers. I think it's time we look away from the fakes, from the Benny Hinny's (Oh yes he's next on Mosaic Ministries), the Vendel Jones's, the faith healers with the unseen speakers in their ears, and those local Pastors feeding you lines in
contradiction to the Word of G-d.

Yeshua is doing a wonderful thing these days... let's get on board!

Here's some of your comments:

I am so GLAD I have found you!  Many years ago I was on Vendyl Jones' mailing list and had some of his material.  I have nothing of his now.  I don't even remember what happened to all of it.  Maybe my husband threw it out.  As I was watching a documentary on the Indiana Jones movies just now, I remembered Vendyl Jones and decided to look him up on the internet.  I can't find much, but I did find you.  Keep up the good work.  I am glad you see thru Benny Hinn et al.  So much fakery going on today.  No fear of G-d!   Sandra, Indiana

We're glad you found us too Sandra. Drop by anytime! We also have a discussion board on this site, feel free to join in.

This page is actually one of the most popular pages we have. I get more hits on this article then any other article on the site.

Rabbi Stanley

Regarding your explanation on the Red Heifer not having to be perfect (CH"VS).

I am glad that a johhny come lately "rabbi" has decided he has the authority to toss out the entire tradition handed down from Moses on Mt Sinai.

The Torah clearly indicates that there is an oral tradition or oral law that was passed down.

What’s sad here is you’re smart enough to know that the Oral Law has value but too ignorant to actually understand what I wrote here.
Everything I’ve said completely supports the Oral Law which I do believe has authority with anything written prior to Yeshua. So next time try to read the words on the page before you go jumping to conclusions, then you won’t look so foolish next time.
Rabbi Stanley

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