Attack on the USA

I've been asked by Messianics across the country to write something on the the terrorist attacks of New York and Washington. I'll say now what I said on the day of the attack- God will bring good out of this, Americans will begin to see what Israel has been dealing with for decades. And this is already happening. Many are already telling me that they now understand the difficulties Israel has been facing with the numerous terrorists in their midst.

A bond is beginning to develope between the average American and the people of Israel. It is always amazing to me that something good can be brought from something so terrible. America has always been behind Israel and I've no doubt that that is why America has been prosperous. I thank God for President Bush and his resolve to continue to be a friend to God's chosen people.

"Is this Armageddon?" this is on the mind of many believers. No, this isn't prophecy being fulfilled. America will not be directly involved in the end time battles of the Lord. This could be the birth pangs however. In order for the end times to unveil, America will have to take a second ranking in power. This means that America will probably be involved in a war at some point. I do not think that this will be that war but it may in time lead up to it. This is not a reason to fear. As long as the U.S. continues on backing Israel and continues to be a Christian nation... God will protect it.

"Was this a soverign act of God?" No it was not. This was an act of Satan. The will of man was involved here, not the will of God. These terrorists who carried out this attack were full of the Devil. Don't confuse an act of God with the act of Lucifer.

"Are all Moslems bad?" On almost every channel on television I hear where liberals are sticking up for their Moslem neigbors. I also watch as Muslim leaders here in America are telling the public that Islam is a peaceful religion and these are the acts of a select few. Don't be fooled! Islam is an aggressive religion and promotes the death of ALL who do not convert to Islam. You'll find in the unabridged versions of the Koran that they propagate the idea of death to Jews and infidels. I will be posting shortly passages taken directly from the Koran which say exactly that. Understand Moslems worship a demon god named Allah. ALL demons desire death and destruction of humans. Again, are all Muslims bad? You'll find that the more dedicated a Muslim is to his religion the worse person he is. They are redeemable just like anyone, but ask yourself this- are all Satanists bad? I would say yes I would also say the same for anyone who worships any of Satan's demons.

Prayers for the survivors and their families of the WTC and the Pentagon. Omain

Rabbi Stanley Chester Jr.