K.J.V. Only
This group of people believe that the King James Bible is the only Bible inspired by G-d. It is a borderline cult and a rather foolish thing to believe.

In over 10 years of ministry... I've been kicked out of one church (We're interdenominational and have always been) I was approached by the elders and many of the congregation. I was asked (in very harsh tones mind you) to leave and never return. 2 of these elders then came to our base here in Washington and my dad and myself met them and allowed them into the base. They professed their discontent with me and said I was blasphemous (I had pointed out a translational error). My dad asked them, (as he does with KJV only) "What was the Bible written in?". They stopped and thought for a moment and didn't reply. My dad said, "The Old Testament was written in Hebrew" They began to move uncomfortably in the chairs they were sitting in. They then disagreed! I was outraged and was ready to show this outrage at such stupidity but said nothing at this point. My dad was more composed. He opened his Bible (my dad prefers the KJV) and opened it up to the first page. He then leaned over to where both of them could see and said, "What does this say?" They read... "translated out of the original tongue" They then sat back and you could see they were trying to reconcile. It hadn't occurred to them that the KJV was indeed a translation. They made their decision and then began to become excited, almost violent. My dad stood up and said, "It's time for you to leave" My dad is a big man and they left promptly. I was very proud and will tell my kids about this. For KJV only, I would say... "Show them the first page!”. They don't understand that this is a translation!!!