We’re going to start this series with an overview. In the following pages when I have the available time, I will break this all down including the Scripture references. Please do not write me and rudely demand Scriptures or try to argue with me about prophecy. Concerning this topic, if you don’t come in the right spirit, I wont even write you back. I don’t owe you anything. I’m commanded to share the truth with you, not to argue with you or even try to convince you. That’s why it’s called sharing instead of forcing. It wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve written and asked an individual not to write me again and clutter up my e-mail. If this sounds harsh, just understand that this is only to those few who think that it’s my job to convince them. I couldn’t care less what you take from this, what I care about is that you ask God if what I say is true. You don’t even need to report it back to me because I know what God has told me. I know the sky is blue, it’s not my job to convince you of it and then have you validate it for me. To all the others may God enrich you from this series and feel free to ask any questions which are sincere.

I grew up in prophetic teachings. Prophecy is my dad’s forte. He’s been teaching it for 35 years. I remember when I was a little kid (some of my first memories) my dad teaching that Egypt would make peace with Israel. Those who knew my dad believed him those who didn’t thought it was the craziest thing they’d ever heard. Egypt and Israel were bitter enemies then (so was every Arab nation). After Egypt made peace more people began listening to my dad. He told them… Jordan will make peace with Israel. They thought he might be going to far with this. Sure enough, Jordan made peace. The prophecy teachers said that the Anti-Christ would raise his empire in the Communist Soviet Union. (This is EVERY major prophecy teacher by the way… not one had any different ideas THEY WERE CONVINCED.) My dad said it’d be in the Middle East. When the Soviet Union broke up, prophecy teachings seemed to go underground. Really all the prophecy teachers couldn’t say much after they had all been proven false prophets. (A false prophet is someone who says that something is going to happen and it doesn’t happen. So say goodbye to Hal Lindsey and all like him.) When the second uprising of prophecy teachers hit the scene they didn’t concentrate so much on where the empire would be  (sure some did, those now decided that the AC “Anti Christ” was going to come from Europe and some even said from the US… unreal what ideas people get when they don’t actually read the Bible) but WHEN it would be. All the pre-tribbulationists rose up. At that time my dad taught that we would go through the tribulation (He’d been teaching this 35 years ago as well… he’s taught all of this from the beginning of his ministry but some things took more emphasis depending on all the garbage going around at the time but the same teachings always included the same facts and every time). Some people didn’t buy this idea that we would escape the tribulation, things didn’t match up in the Bible. So my dad explained to them a phrase that he had coined long ago that he called “pre-wrath”. Yes, most people who study any prophecy at all have heard this term… it was my dad who coined it and started the whole idea of what it was and what it meant. Now it tickles me sometimes when people try to tell me that they are pre-wrath and then try to tell me what that position means. I know what it means, my dad invented the phrase. Many were won to the pre-wrath escotological view. It made perfect sense and makes prophecy come alive cause all the Scriptures fall right in line. None of this mix and match Scriptures then divide and multiply plus four ridiculousness. One thing we have to understand is that we have to interpret the Bible from the time and culture it was written in. For example, if the Bible says Persia, we have to understand where Persia was at the time of the writer. We can’t turn around and say Persia means America. No, no one has made that mistake (then again maybe I’ve underestimated mainline prophecy teachers). But as we study on, you’ll find some similar type mistakes. I wont only show you what the truth is here, I will also show you the ideas propagated by prophecy teachers and where they are wrong.

So lets get started with the overview!!!

Many prophecy teachers paint a picture that when the Anti-Christ is here that all the Christians will be starving to death because the Bible says that Christians will not be able to buy food at the store because it says we wont be able to ... “to buy and sell”. To “buy and sell" in Greek means to be in high business. Kind of like buying and selling stocks or bonds. It doesn't mean we won’t be allowed to buy food at the grocery store. Otherwise it would've said buy... not buy and sell in Greek. Not withstanding, in Greek it means high business when stated as such. The way we see it is that it will be a Muslim confederation, which comes against Israel. 666 will be a privilege, not forced. 666, forced, means nothing to the soul. It will involve blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is this: to see an act of God and know it is God and say it is the Devil. It is also vice versa... to see an act of the Devil and say it is an act of God. This also cannot be forced. Just as with the communists, it was a privilege to be a card-carrying member (only 10 percent actually were card carrying party members). The Anti-Christ will propose to those in high leadership in Muslim countries something like this.... "If you want to be a member of this new kingdom and you want to prosper and align yourselves with me... then you must take this sign" he will then have them blaspheme the Holy Spirit and they will be in. It will not be offered to every commoner or layperson. The Anti-Christ will start out as a good man, how else will he be able to deceive Christians? He will be from Assyria and he will become a homosexual (in Greek... "to have no regard for women"). Now about Armageddon, it will not be in Megiddo. It will be in Jerusalem. “How can that be?”. Here’s how: Armageddon in Hebrew is Har Megiddon. This can mean 2 different things. Har means Mountain. Megiddon is a city which is called Megiddo. But Megiddo in Hebrew means rendezvous. Thus it could be Mt. Megiddo or Mt of Rendezvous. As we go on we’ll find out why it’s Jerusalem and not Megiddo, there’s many reasons so get ready for that later.