Here are some prayers and calls that are being said in some of the most influential Mosques in the Middle East. These are from July 19th 2002

The quotations all come from FBIS, the Foreign Broadcast Information Service, an arm of the U.S. government that monitors and translates media throughout the world.

In a sermon carried live on official Syrian radio from the Anas Ibn-Malik mosque in Damascus, Sheikh Dr. Ziad al-Ayubi told his listeners, "O God, help our people in Palestine and the Golan. O God, annihilate the Zionists and make them destroy themselves."

Yes, many Americans have had misgivings concerning Syria, but let's look at a couple more from other countries

A preacher appearing on Saudi Arabia's official TV1 network (One of the most popular channels in Saudi) "O Allah," he said, "support our brother holy warriors for your sake everywhere. O Allah, grant them victory in Palestine, Kashmir, and Chechnya. O Allah, deal with the aggressor Jews and all aggressive infidels. O Allah, deal with them for they are within your power."

This is in Saudi, these people are supposed to be our allies. These people ARE the enemy. It's the same as us asking Hitler to help us go to war with the Nazis.

I understood the ignorance of people concerning the Middle East 20 years ago... there wasn't much information out on the Muslims and their ideals. There wasn't an internet and TV was limited in explaining who the Muslim people are. But how do we stand around now when we watched planes slam into the towers? On TV we watch suicide bombings actually minutes after they've been detonated. How do we stand around now and say, "I don't know why this happened?" Are we so dumbed down that we can't even make any types of decisions? Even ones so simple and natural as self-preservation?

Here's some quotes... this one from our allies in Yemen  (boy, some of my Arab friends tell me they don't understand Americans... My Arab friends are good hearted people [otherwise I wouldn't choose them to be my friends] but when they laugh at some of the stupid things we Americans do I can't help but not blame them for laughing... our allies in Yemen... give me a break) Remember, there's only a few channels over there... only the very rich have satellite dishes.

Friday's sermon, broadcast live on state-run Yemeni television from Sanaa's Grand Mosque, "O Allah, deal with the enemies of religion. O Allah, deal with Jews and their supporters and Christians and their supporters. Shake the land under their feet. Instill fear in their hearts, and freeze the blood in their veins. O Allah, scatter their ranks, make fate turn against them, and continue pressure on them."

Right, now tell me that Allah and God are the same entity. I haven't heard anywhere in the Bible where we are supposed to pray to God and ask him to kill Christians and Jews.

This sermon is from Palestine itself- broadcast on Yasser Arafat's official radio and television stations last Friday. Addressing a crowd at the Sheikh Ijlin Mosque in Gaza, the preacher said that because of laxity in fulfilling various Islamic precepts, "Allah has afflicted us with sedition and an enemy, who does not fear us, but sweeps our towns, kills our children, and imprisons our heroes." This would not have happened, he insisted, "had we carried out Allah's orders, especially jihad, and had Muslims carried out Allah’s orders for jihad and not listened to this empty talk about peace... The Muslim must carry out Allah's order." What is Allah's order? It's to kill the Jews and Christians.

These countries know full well that these sermons are being taught by the Muslim clerics. If they didn't want it taught, they'd shut them down. These are dictatorships. They fool us by saying," well we don't want to upset the people". We say, "Well that's understandable". That's only understandable in a democracy! It is not understandable in a dictatorship! If they said anything and I mean anything (bad hair remarks... no jokes) against the Crown Prince they'd be hanged that day. So they allow the Muslim clerics to say what they want, they even encourage it. Why do they encourage it? Because they believe it to. And they are very bold about it. The leaders of these countries know that Washington monitors these sermons which are broadcast. But they don't care. All they have to tell the Americans is..."We don't want to upset the people" and the Americans walk away shaking their heads up and down saying, "yes, that's understandable"