"When Was Yeshua Born?"
Now that most people are aware that Yeshua wasn't born on December 25th or even in December at all, the next question people have been asking is, "When was He really born then?" . There are some Scriptures that answer that question and it's pretty simple to see once we understand some Jewish customs and Jewish traditions.

In order to make our calculations we first have to look at John the Baptist and his father Zechariah. in Luke 1:5 it tells us that Zechariah was a priest of the order of Abijah. While he was performing his duties an angel appeared and told him his wife Elizabeth would have a son, Yochanan (John).

1 Chronicles 24:7-18. tells us about the order in which the priests performed these duties. The family of Abijah was eighth in line so he would've been performing his duties during the Feast of Shavuoth. Since a pregnancy is 9 months, that means John the Immerser (Baptist) was born during Pasach (Passover).

So now that we know when John the Immerser was born we have to look at Luke 1:36. There we see that John was 6 months older then Yeshua. So that would have put His conception at Chanuka and 9 months later the birth of Yeshua at the time of Succoth! We see also in Luke 2:10 at the birth of Yeshua that an angel gives typical Succoth wording (Luke 2:10) "Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all Nations. These are words used during Succoth. Matter of fact Succoth is the "Festival of Joy", and it is also known as the "Festival of the Nations". How appropriate that the angel uses these words to announce the Saviour of the world!

There are other indications. The Hebrew word for "stable" is "succah" and a succah is a booth that we make every year during the Feast of Succoth. So Yeshua was not only born on Succoth, He was even born IN a succah!
These succhas were temporary dwellings built outside or along the side of the house. Inside of these succahs were placed a food box with enough food in there to eat for the entire holiday for the family. This food crib in the King James Bible it was translated as "manger". Because it was Succoth it also stands to reason why the Magi were able to see the star through the roofs of their Succahs because the three wise men were Jewish as well.

Have you ever wondered why all the inns were full just before they went to the "stable"? There's a very good reason why. Three times a year all the male adults had to go to Jerusalem to celebrate the feasts. Jews came from all over the world to sacrafice at the temple. So, Jerusalem and all the immediate areas, like Bethlehem were full of visitors. It would be very difficult to get a room during these High Holy days. So that's why Joseph and Mary couldn't find a room and had to stay in a succah.

One last point against December 25th being the day that Yeshua was born. Anyone who has lived in Israel in the Jerusalem area knows that it gets very cold there in the winter time. I lived there for 19 years and it snowed almost every year. Jerusalem is 2500 feet above sea level and it's much too cold for the sheep to be out grazing at night...
(Luk 2:8)  And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.
Many silly ideas and doctrines can be solved by simply living in The Land rather then trying to be solved by translaters and theologians a thousand miles away who say they've "heard from God" while millions believe these men are "inspired by the Holy Spirit".

Shalom beYeshua and Happy Chanukah!
Rabbi Stanley

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hi rabbi.for usdumb people can you come closer to the time of jesus birth or yesha.I still think it was spring time about april.was good to hear from you again.Lord bless you my brother.

Shalom Joe,
He was born on Sukkot so that puts it in autumn on the 15th day of the month of Tishrei (late September to late October). The Jewish Calendar is different then the calendar you use. The Jewish Calendar is lunar whereas yours is solar. So it changes every year on your calendar. If you get a Jewish calendar, you can find Sukkot and you'll be able to follow it every year and celebrate that actual time of Yeshua's birth.
Hope this helps,
Rabbi Stanley
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