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What do you think of these cartoons?
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Anonymous #1: if your god i make like this ,,,,how about you,,,,, you make me very angry......

My reply: I post any questions or comments exactly as they are sent in to me. I do not alter them in anyway as you can see from above.

I'll answer in fairness however. I assume you are Muslim and if you are Arabic, feel free to type in your native language because I speak Arabic as well. I'm glad that you at least recognize that my G-d is not the same one as your god! Allah and Yehova are not one in the same as most Muslims try to convince us of. I'm also glad it makes you angry and I hope it makes you angry enough to look into the death and destruction of the Koran and Islam. I know your holy book well and it only leads to darkness. Turn from Allah and worship the True G-d of Israel. Baruch HaShem and that Name is Yehova!
Rabbi Stanley
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