1. Mosaic Chat Room - Our own Messianic chat room. Meet new friends and chat with those who also have a love for Israel.
2. Ask The Rabbi - Have a question Pastor can't answer? Need a Messianic interpretation or you just have a general question that's been on your mind? Here's the place to ask.
3. Passover Hagada - An easy to read Passover Hagada. Anyone can now perform the Passover Seder. With my Hagada there is also a Messianic interpretation. You'll find out more about the Last Supper then you ever have!
4. Mosaic Theology Page - Looking for a more in depth chat group? Want today's news? Search no more, this is the room for you!
1. About The Director - Here's some pics and background info of Rabbi Stanley Chester
2 Our Italy Base - Here's some information and pictures of what we're doing in Italy. See the base and it's surrounding areas. This is where we'll soon be having our Rabbinical Training School

1. Messianic Judaism - Here you'll find all you need to know about Messianic Judaism. This page is an on going series. For beginners to those who were raised in Messianic Judaism. I guarantee you haven't heard anything like this before. Be the 1st to hear it.
2. Canon - Which translation should I use? What do the Messianic Jews in Israel use? Whose Canon is correct? Check out our part 1 of this short series.
3. Tid Bits - Here you'll find all kinds of info. on a range of topics including "Who are the Samaritans?" and "Who are the Temple Faithful?"
4. Mosaic Ministries Prophecy Series - Thank you for all the e-mails requesting that we start this page. We hope you enjoy it. This is part one of an ongoing series and we hope you find the answers to all eschatological questions.
5. Replacement Theology - Here's on ongoing series by various authors concerning the most dangerous theology of our time and times past.  Chances are, your church is a part of this heresy. Best find out what this is.
6. King Herod The Great - NOT the tyrant. NOT the bad guy you think he is. NOT the coward he's painted out to be. But rather the best Gentile friend the Jews have ever had hands down.
Ongoing Series
Complete Teachings
1. Jacob Have I Loved - You know the story of Jacob and Esau? Check out this page, it's not what you've been taught!
3. Martin Luther: Anti-Semite - Was Martin Luther a Church Father or a Jew hater? This page will turn your stomach, not for the weak!
4. The "Local Church"- A cult in the making! The Rav would like to give this kind of breakdown to every "Christian organization" but time is what it is. Think you're exempt? Your "Church" believes the same as this. No? I bet it does in at least a couple respects!
5. The Mezuzah Page - What is a Mezuzah? Where does it come from? What's it for and should we use it today? Get the answers here.
6. The Hell Page - We don't hear much about Hell anymore do we? Some people are even saying it doesn't exist. How do you share to your Jewish friends that it does exist from the Old Testament? Did you know Yeshua (Jesus) talked more about Hell then He did about heaven? Don't believe it you can check the stats on this page.
7. The Trinity - Confused about the "God Head"? Well be confused no more. Here's the answers you're looking for.
8. Anti-Semitism - This is just a few short words on the topic I've written recently. It'll be an ongoing series which will captivate and disgust you. Anti-Semitism is still alive and thriving.
9. KJV Only - This cult believes that only the King James Version is the Word of God. This is one of the silliest doctrines I've ever come across. It's amazing what some people will believe.

1. Mohamed, a Demon-possessed Pedophile -  A "Liberal" would have a hard time hearing such a statement. But you know what? I really don't care. We're here to tell the truth, get the truth on Mohamed here.
2. Attention!!! The Lost Ark and the Ashes of the Red Heifer - Please, take the time to read this, it's well worth it.
3. The Bible Codes - Is this the answer we've all been looking for? Are there events foretold within the code?
4. Who is Allah? - "We all worship the same God!" Better think again, Allah is a Demon. Don't be confused, God and Allah are not the same... find the details here
5. Is the Pope a pervert? - Is he a homosexual? This isn't the first or last time this will be asked.
6. What the Arab nations are saying about us - Prominent leaders from around the Middle East explain that the Christians and Jews must be killed. The quotations are all provided by the FBIS, the Foreign Broadcast Information Service.
7. Victims stories - Stories of victims of suicide bombings in Israel.
8. Tidbits - The Samaritans are not related to the Jews, the "Temple MT. Faithful" have nothing to do with the rebuilding of the third Temple. These questions and more are answered here.
9. What do I do if I feel I'm Called to Israel -
Here's some simple steps you can follow to see if you really have been called by G-d to be a missionary to HaAretz.
10. Interview with Hamas leader: Salah Shehadeh - This is one of the last interviews done with Israel's most dangerous terrorist before he was killed by the IDF last week. This interview is chilling and it also verifies that the young terrorists commit their crimes without pressure from their families... just how the Devil likes it... by free will.
11. Attack On America - Here I answer some of the common questions concerning the terrorist attack on the WTC and the Pentagon
12. Mosaic Discussion Board - BRAND NEW!!! Be one of the first to post your opinion on the hottest topics in Messianic Judaism
1. Funpage - Here's our fun page. We got jokes, games and some all around fun stuff (we all gotta lighten up some times).
2. Mosaic Masterpieces - Come and check out our latest Biblical and Mediterranean recipes. (All tried and proved)
3. Got milk?
4. More Mediterranean recipes - You'll love the "Sambousak" also the "Mechshe B'Leban". Rabbi Chester was in the fine dinning business for 10 years. P.S. Don't forget to write in and tell us what you think of the food.
5. More Mediterranean recipes - Check out the Moroccan soup!!!!

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1. Alfred Edersheim Alfred Edersheim's book "Sketches of Jewish Social Life". Edersheim is a grandfather of Messianic Judaism and required reading for our Rabbis-in- training. Here's the best news... we'll soon have all his books available here. Yes, all for free.
2. Messianic Glossary - Here's our own glossary. You'll find this useful when you come across Jewish/Messianic words and phrases. Take a gander and I'm sure you'll learn something.
3. Messianic Calendar - Can't find out what the next Jewish holiday is? Click here and find out. This is our own Messianic calendar!!!
4. Join our mailing list- This mailing will keep you informed of the latest updates on our site as well as special notices etc.
5. Flavius Josephus!!!!! - His works "WAR OF THE JEWS" and "Antiquities of the Jews"  is finally here. I can't seem to get the material up here as fast as you're reading it. Stay tuned! We'll have ALL his other works up soon.
6. Was Jesus a Pharisee?- Find out who Yeshua (Jesus) affiliated Himself with and who He endorsed.
7. Palestinian Christians - Who are the Palestinian Christians we're hearing about on the News? Are they really Christians and how do they feel about what's happening in Israel right now?
8. To Catch a Jew Hater - Enter your anti-Semite now! Here you can enter the name of your local (or not so local) bigot. This month we have Rep. Jim Moran as our anti-Semite of the month. Do you have a bigot that we don't know about? Share him/her with us and we'll expose the ugliness inside of them.
Soon to come.... "To Catch an American Hater".
9.  The Nephalim - Who were the Nephalim? Angels who came and had sex with human beings? Some have said aliens from outer space (please). Let's get the truth on who these people really were and back it up with Scripture and some new finds in archeology.
10. The New Testament was written in Hebrew.... NOT GREEK!
11. Grace/Works - Do Messianics believe that we are saved by works or by Grace?
12. Should We Keep The Sabbath? - We're Christians, do we still have to keep the Sabbath? Wasn't that just for the Jews anyway?. Didn't Jesus brake the Sabbath? Is breaking the Sabbath a sin? Well if it's a sin, you better find out!
13. Learn Hebrew now for FREE - Learn Hebrew in 4 easy lessons. Now you can read the Bible in it's original language using the same method used all over the country in Israel. It's fast and effective, you can not fail. Our first lesson is now posted and so is the second lesson. Lesson three is on it's way!
14. A New Questions and Answers Page - We get a lot of questions from our Ask The Rabbi Page so we're posting a few more of them along with the answers here.
15. Dr. Chester's free online videos - Dr. Chester's free online video is ready to view. All you need is the free Real Player.
16. What was the Nazerite Vow? - What was this vow and should we be doing it today? Are the Messianics bringing it back to life? Find out here.
17. "Call No Man Rabbi" - Do we really need this lesson? Ok, I'll do it, but we should expect more from ourselves.
18. The Works of Philo! - You've enjoyed reading Josephus so now I've posted all of Philo's works. I'm glad we have visitors of such high caliber here. I'll get the Mishna up as soon as I can.
19. Healing, is it for today? - Are these "faith healers" for real? Or is it a show? How can I tell the difference between what's of G-d and what's phony?
20. The Mikva - Where does baptizm come from? How should it be done? Is full immersion a must?
21. False Doctrines and Cults - Are you in a cult? What about TBN, are they OK? Many more questions like these are answered here
22. Benny Hinn, False Prophet! - Find out why this man is a phony. I've got quotes, names, dates and an audio file where you can hear false prophecy straight from the horses mouth. Get your friends out of this cult.
23. The Bible - We now have the entire Bible online. It's a PDF and ready to be printed or downloaded. This is for our friends who live in countries where the Bible is outlawed. They can now view the Bible from their computers or they can print them out if they wish. This is what the Internet should be used for!
24. Should a Woman Ever Wear Tephillin or Tallit?
25. Sabbath Prayer - This prayer is said by the woman of the house. Here you can listen to the hebrew words and follow along. This is something every Messianic household should be doing EVERY SHABBAT!
26. Judgment - Should we judge others? Paul said we should. Who was right, Jesus or Paul? Find the answer here.
27. Melchizedek - Who was he? Was it Jesus? Was it Michael the Archangel? Another mystery solved.
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You can click on the link below and hear the weekly teaching by Rabbi Chester. These are the teachings the Rav does each week at one of his Messianic Synagogues. Join our congregation, become an online member and follow along with us as we learn the Scriptures.CLICK HERE!!!
Jewish heartbreak and hope in Nineveh, By Carlos C. Huerta  
(This is the most interesting article I've read in months!)
Click here
"The Road Map to Peace". Here's the actual document!!!
Click here
13.Latest teaching... Where is the Garden Tomb? It's not where you think!
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Mosaic Report Archives
Special Mosaic Reports On Christmas!!!
Do you know where the Christmas tree came from? How about Dec 25th, where do we get that date? Does Christmas really have anything to do with Jesus? Find out here.
30. Iran’s “fastest underwater missile in the world” myth.
31. Peyas (the long sidelocks of hair worn by the Hasidic Jews) are they Biblical or are they actually pagan???
33. Acts 15, not what you thought!
34. Who were the Marranos? Get the full story here!
36. The Jews and Italy: Get to know the history of Italy and how they treated their Jews
38. Hal Lindsey: False Prophet! Get the details here!!!
39. CARTOONS OF MUHAMMAD!!! Cartoons from Denmark. See what all the fuss is about.
40. Rabbi Stanley has moved to India He's started the country's first Messianic Yeshiva!!! (update... we now have 3 Messianic Yeshivas in India and one in Sri Lanka!!!
29. Who's The Weaker Brother? It isn't the Messianics! It's the Gentile Christians who are NOT keeping kosher, not the other way around.
A Moslem extremist cutting his child's head open so he will bleed, part of one of their "holidays".....This is who we are dealing with. Wake up America!
1. Mosaic News Report - This is what you've been asking for... so here it is. A bi-weekly report on what's happening in Israel and around the world. Anything that is of importance to the Jewish people and the Messianic community. Had enough of the bias in the media? We sure have! Check this out every couple days. Keep up with the latest news from all over the world.
2. Torah Light Newsletter - Torah Light Ministries is Rabbi Stanley's dad's ministry to the Jewish people. Check out their Newsletter, it's always full of up-to-date information on what's happening in Israel

3. Israel Update - Had enough of the slanted liberal media's continual lies? Here's the latest on what's happening in Israel from Torah Light Director, Dr. Stan Chester. Keep current and find out what's really happening in the Holy Land!
4. Weekly Parasha/Q&A - Dr. Chester's weekly Bible Study. Sorry I haven't posted this up sooner. This is great stuff!!! This is Messianic Judaism at it's best. You truly want to learn something? It's one click away.
Today's News

Here's what Muslims are saying about Barak Obama...
As one woman in Ramallah put it, "When I heard Obama speaking [from Cairo], I felt as if I were listening to the head of an Arab or Islamic state."
'"For the first time, we feel we have a friend in the White House." This is what a Palestinian Authority official in Ramallah had to say
Like many in the Arab and Islamic world, the Palestinians are fond of Obama.
Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal heaped praise on him.
Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh also went on the record praising Obama.

If that's what our enemies think about our leader, that can't be a good thing for us Americans! G-d help us.
Rabbi Stanley

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This is a Christian Rap CD that the Rabbi wrote and performed over 20 years ago. It is not Messianic in nature but it is fun, your kids will like it too. Click on the icon below to listen.
"Yerushalayim Shel Zahav" - A Hebrew Classic